Home Artificial Nutrition Awareness Week 2016

HAN logo 8th – 14th August

It’s the start of PINNT’s HAN Awareness week 2016.

You can view the HAN Awareness video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVevgXsKbUs

PINNT acknowledge the support from Marco Pierre White and Hotel Indigo in Birmingham for the video. Real patients were used – no patient was infected during the filming of this video!

You can view a patient story each day for the week at: http://pinnt.com/Home-Artificial-Nutrition-Awareness-Weeks/Home-Artificial-Week-2016.aspx

There are many ways of supporting this excellent campaign. Details on the plans and ways to help are outlined on the PINNT website. Please support them any way you can and make this week a resounding success.


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