BAPEN is proud to support The Patients Association in the recent publishing of its report, ‘Pilot projects to Develop and Evaluate the Patients Association Nutrition Checklist’. It is extremely encouraging to see a leading patient organisation shining a spotlight on the complex and important issue of undernutrition, particularly in raising awareness and providing support to those in the community as well as in clinical settings.

BAPEN is pleased to see that The Patients Association Checklist has shown acceptable sensitivity and specificity when compared to BAPEN’s Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (‘MUST’). Whilst the checklist is not intended to replace the ‘MUST’ in clinical settings, it certainly has the potential to be used to triage or identify those people who would benefit from further screening and advice. For patients and those in the community, the checklist compliments BAPEN’s Malnutrition Self-Screening Tool, both of which provide advice and support to those concerned about weight loss.

Dr Trevor Smith, President of BAPEN said, “I hope that there is a wide uptake of the Patients Association Nutrition Checklist in primary care and community settings. If used alongside BAPEN’s ‘MUST’ and/or our Malnutrition Self-Screening Tool there is real potential to help to identify those likely to be at risk and provide support to those affected and to health and social care professionals. I hope to work alongside the Patients Association throughout 2019 to bring our nutritional messages to a wider audience, working together to improve the nutritional care of patients and those in the community.”

The report was published in December 2018 and is available to download at:

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