BAPEN is pleased to see a significant focus on undernutrition in The Lancet’s latest report, The Global Syndemic of Obesity, Undernutrition, and Climate Change.

Published Sunday (27th January 2019), the report aims to bring global attention to a trio of vitally pressing issues. BAPEN is particularly pleased that undernutrition is being discussed alongside obesity, as both can have significant implications for the health of individuals and wider society.

The Lancet previously deemed 2019 ‘the year for nutrition’, which we believe is a great step in the right direction. In an original publication dated 16th January 2019, it recounts how ‘poor nutrition is a key driver and risk factor for disease’.

BAPEN eagerly anticipates the forthcoming publication of a series of papers from The Lancet on the Double Burden of Malnutrition.

Dr Trevor Smith, President of BAPEN, says “It is good to see that undernutrition is being considered alongside obesity by The Lancet in this report and others. This report focuses on some of the global, societal factors that may lead to poor nutrition, but at BAPEN we recognise that on an individual level there may be many different factors that lead to somebody becoming malnourished. Our focus this year is on improving screening for malnutrition risks, in the community and primary care settings, such as GP surgeries, community pharmacies, hospitals and care homes, in order to help identify individuals at risk as soon as possible so that action can be taken. Malnutrition is a global problem, but it is also an individual one, and we want to see improvements in screening and management so that while this societal problem persists, vulnerable people are picked up earlier and the damage done to their lives is minimised.”

The full report can be viewed here.

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