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BAPEN is pleased to announce that our first ever UK Malnutrition Awareness Week, run in collaboration with the Malnutrition Task Force in 2018, has been awarded the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) award for ‘Healthcare Campaign 2018.’ The campaign has also won four Communiqué Awards for demonstrating excellence in media relations, communication of survey or market research data, integrated non-promotional communications and healthcare collaboration and partnerships.

Dr Trevor Smith, President of BAPEN, says “We are thrilled that our first ever UK Malnutrition Awareness Campaign has received the recognition that it deserves. The achievement of these prestigious awards is proof that together, BAPEN and the Malnutrition Task Force are creating the noise we had hoped for and all our hard work is paying off. The campaign was a truly collaborative effort and I’d like to thank everyone who got involved, we saw some spectacular local awareness raising efforts and had fantastic engagement on social media. I hope that we can spread our malnutrition message even further as we move into the second year of the campaign, and again drive meaningful results in an uptake of self-screening and screening for malnutrition risk in health and social care settings.”

“The UK Malnutrition Awareness Week campaign won because it really demonstrated a very strong public health outcome. The messaging was very bold and really stood out and if scaled up it hints at the way that healthcare communications could play a really significant role in the sustainability of adult social care.”

Communiqué judges

“This campaign stood out for its creative simplicity and outstanding results. Brilliantly simple and well executed with evidence of great storytelling across earned and social media. From a standing start – in terms of awareness – and a challenging subject matter, this campaign achieved measurable outcomes.”

Chartered Institute of Public Relations judges

The full feedback from the CIPR and Communiqué judges can be found here:

CIPR Award

‘Healthcare Campaign’ Award

Communiqué Awards

Excellence in Media Relations

Excellence in Communication of Survey or Market Research Data

Excellence in Integrated Non-Promotional Communications

Excellence in Healthcare Collaboration and Partnerships

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