The course is an excellent exploration of effective multidisciplinary working - the College worked with the MND Association and a wide range of professionals to develop it. Following a successful year in 2019 we are pleased to advise that it is running again this year.

The course is endorsed by the College so we hope you will make use of it. The content is interesting, and the learning from it practical and easily applied in real life settings.

The course focusses on motor neurone disease but has significant transferable learning. It runs over 6 weeks and during that time participants are encouraged to interact online with fellow students. Each week considers a different aspect of multidisciplinary working and is explored through recommended reading, videos, and case studies.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the recommendations within the NICE MND Guideline NG42 relating to MDT good practice
  • Explain the importance of an effective MDT in MND cases
  • Describe the MDT, and its operation, in their area
  • Understand how to apply good MDT practice in their own work setting
  • Reflect on current practice in their own work setting and recommend useful improvements

The course next runs from 9 March 2020 and will give you at least 18 hours of CPD. We strongly encourage you to enrol. There will be further opportunities in May and September if March does not work for you. Sign up for this challenging and interesting course by following this link:

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