To address the needs of patients, the National Post-Intensive Care Rehabilitation Collaborative have created the ICS Framework to assess and guide timely rehabilitation post-ICU. This Framework was developed with the collective expertise from nursing; physiotherapy; dietetics; occupational therapy; speech and language therapy; clinical psychology; sports medicine; ear, nose and throat surgery; intensive care; neuro-intensive care; plastic surgery; respiratory medicine; rehabilitation medicine; and renal medicine. The framework makes practical recommendations for early post-intensive care rehabilitation assessment and support from the multidisciplinary team. The Collaborative has worked hard to bring together a comprehensive pathway for the rehabilitation of patients in and leaving intensive care and the framework includes a new Post ICU Presentation Screening (PICUPS) tool and rehabilitation prescription that can be applied to Trusts straight away.

Link to the framework is here:

Due the rapid nature of producing this document in the COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely that iterations will be required to refine the content of the framework and the associated, hence feedback is essential and encouraged.

With nutrition playing a key part in recovery for many, this new exciting framework is of relevance to BAPEN members. We would encourage you to discuss and share this guidance with colleagues, representative organisations, your networks and throughout appropriate channels to ensure that care post-ICU supports our patients to the standards required to optimise recovery and improve quality of life.

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