We are half way through UK Malnutrition Awareness Week and are enjoying seeing so many people get involved with local events and social media engagement.

Once again this year we are working alongside the Malnutrition Task Force, and are grateful for their partnership. We have also been pleased to have the support of the British Dietetic Association for our first UKMAW parliamentary outreach, with a virtual 'drop-in' session for MPs on 7th October. This was hugely successful, with a number of MPs and Peers keen to hear more about malnutrition in the UK and take action locally and within Westminster.

For the first time this year our Awareness Week has coincided with that held in North America, and it has been excellent to partner with ASPEN and CNS on joint activity too. We hosted a joint webinar on the 7th, all about understanding the challenges faced by those providing nutrition care to people with COVID-19 in different care settings.

We have also been pleased to see lots of coverage in the media and on social media. It is not too late to get involved on social media, including a brand new UKMAW Instagram channel, as the week runs until Sunday. Please visit here to download your selfie and tell us what you think there need to be #MAWconversations about.

If you have not yet had a chance to get involved, please do.

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