Alongside our community survey which we conducted last year, BAPEN also undertook a survey of hospital based healthcare professionals to better understand the nutritional care and challenges of patients with COVID-19 they faced during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey was designed to investigate challenges in delivering nutritional care in ICU and HDU, and on general wards. It covers issues identifying malnutrition risk, the barriers to delivering good nutritional care on the wards, and nutritional strategies, as well as particular challenges relating to discharge.

The summary report is available to read here.

‘It has been great to work on BAPEN’s survey of malnutrition and nutritional care of COVID-19 patients in hospitals. This survey has been really important for us to gain a greater insight into some of the key challenges healthcare professionals have faced with their patients during the first wave of the pandemic. I am also really pleased that we received responses across all four nations of the UK. I hope the findings of this survey in conjunction with the community survey will be helpful to inform practice moving forwards in both settings.’ Dr Rebecca Stratton, Chair of BAPEN’s Malnutrition Action Group

‘It is fantastic that we were able to conduct two surveys last year, one which focused on the community setting, and the other in the acute sector at a similar time. We need to know how the pandemic is affecting nutritional care, so that we can best treat our patients. I would like to say thank you to everybody who helped us complete the survey, it is a big ask when everybody is stretched but I think the good response we received demonstrates the level of concern out there about how services and care are being affected. In fact, this response further highlights why we at BAPEN, as well as others, are passionate about continuing to highlight the importance nutrition has as an integral component in healthcare.’ Dr Trevor Smith, President of BAPEN

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