Nearly 20 organisations, including BAPEN, have today signed a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, on the matter of protecting healthcare professionals in their places of work. The letter cites the tragic statistic that at least 930 health and care workers have so far lost their lives to COVID-19. It underlines that healthcare workers are three to four times more likely to catch COVID-19 than the general public, and are at risk in all healthcare settings. It also points to the failure of UK Infection Prevention Control (IPC) guidance to accurately depict airborne risks.

The letter has been signed by a broad coalition of multidisciplinary organisations and professional bodies. It implores the Prime Minister to intervene to address the inconsistencies and gaps in guidance, and to take a range of measures to protect the nation’s healthcare professionals.

The issue has received widespread media coverage both on broadcast media and online, with both BBC News and the Independent covering the story amongst others. We eagerly await the Prime Minister’s response and reiterate our concern that these issues have not been addressed despite our ongoing attempts to raise concerns alongside our colleagues within the AGP Alliance over the course of the last year.

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