Our screening survey portal will open 1st October 2021 and stay open for the month of October for all health and social care workers. To register and contribute please click here.

Last October, BAPEN and the Malnutrition Action Group (MAG) conducted a national screening survey of malnutrition and nutritional care in adults. The survey was open for a month and coincided with UK Malnutrition Awareness Week 2020. The report, which has just been published, highlights the findings of the survey, which included data collected on 1,183 adults.

The survey aimed to take the temperature on the status of nutritional care across all health and social care settings in the UK. The 2020 screening survey included data from hospitals (76%) and a variety of community settings (24%) across the UK, thus building a comprehensive picture of the malnutrition problem on a national scale.

‘MUST’ was a key component of the screening survey, enabling an assessment to be made of the number of people screened that were at risk of malnutrition. The report breaks down the ‘MUST’ results, giving an insight into risk by age, setting, and disease state. The nutritional care assessment is also analysed by various factors, facilitating the improved understanding of potential patterns and learnings.

BAPEN’s President, Dr Trevor Smith, said, “It is fantastic to see the final report of the screening survey from 2020. It is so important that we understand the quantity and quality of nutritional care that people are receiving, as well as the prevalence of malnutrition in both acute and community settings. I am grateful to all those who took the time last October to screen – it contributes a great deal to deepening our understanding of the state of affairs on the ground. As a multidisciplinary organisation, BAPEN is all about sharing best practice – this survey is a prime example of that collaboration and collective learning.” He continued, “I hope that this momentum is sustained for this year, and fingers crossed exceeded! With that in mind, I ask that as many of you as possible partake in the screening survey this year, for which the portal will open for a month on 1st October 2021.”

Dr Rebecca Stratton, Chair of MAG, said of the report’s findings, “I am delighted to publish the Malnutrition and Nutritional Care Report from our 2020 Malnutrition Awareness Week Survey. This survey is such an important way for us to further our collective understanding of how prevalent malnutrition continues to be and how widely used nutritional care is across the UK. I was particularly pleased that patients included in the survey had a range of primary diagnoses, enabling us to draw conclusions about malnutrition and nutritional care across a breadth of conditions. Although the prevalence of malnutrition remains high, encouragingly, we saw a breadth of nutritional interventions included in the care plans for the management of this condition. It will be incredibly worthwhile to analyse the findings from this report in conjunction with the data we hope to gather from our 2021 Malnutrition Awareness Week Survey to examine trends over time in malnutrition prevalence and nutritional care. This year will be our third time running the Malnutrition and Nutritional Care survey, and I am eager for the response to grow year on year and to include as many different settings across the UK.”

Rebecca added, “Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the survey and we look forward to repeating this great initiative in October 2021 to coincide with this year’s UK Malnutrition Awareness Week.”

The full report from the 2020 screening survey is available to read here. BAPEN acknowledges the hard work of one of our standing committees, MAG, for their work towards this.

More information will follow shortly on the details of the 2021 screening survey and how to get involved. Stay tuned and get ready to get screening!

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