BAPEN is very pleased to be supporting Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month this month. As part of the activity surrounding raising awareness, the Huntington’s Disease Alliance have launched a Family Matters campaign, taking note of the hereditary nature of the disease.

Huntington’s disease affects the body’s nervous system and can cause changes with movement, learning, thinking and emotions. People living with Huntington’s disease can experience a wide range of nutritional challenges, relating to swallowing, appetite change, calorie intake, and others. For example, a symptom of the disease are jerky, uncontrollable muscular movements. These chorea movements tend to use more energy, and therefore calorie intake needs to be adjusted to prevent unhealthy weight loss.

BAPEN President Dr Trevor Smith said, “Huntington’s disease is a devastating disease that can have a significant impact on the nutritional health of those affected. It is vitally important that those living with HD and their carers are aware of appropriate nutritional care plans. I am proud that BAPEN is supporting the Family Matters campaign to raise awareness of Huntington’s disease. Hopefully this will, in turn, raise awareness of the nutritional needs of those affected.”

The Huntington’s Disease Association has a nutrition guide created in collaboration with Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition. Such practical nutritional advice may help people with Huntington’s disease and their carers cope with challenges relating to nutrition. You can read this guide here

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