Nutrition and Hydration Week commences today and BAPEN is very pleased to provide our support. Nutrition and Hydration Week is an important event in the nutritional care calendar which promotes and celebrates improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration in all settings.

The upcoming campaign is committed to generating energy around and deepening understanding of nutrition and hydration as critical pillars in health and social care settings locally, nationally, and globally. Nutrition and Hydration Week has been running annually since 2012 and it is great to see the campaign grow year on year.

The highlight of Nutrition and Hydration Week is the Global Tea Party, which occurs on Wednesday. Last year, it was fantastic to see such far-reaching involvement from individuals and organisations holding their own afternoon tea parties. The Tea Party creates a welcoming space, allowing people to come together whilst also keeping hydrated. This year festivities may be restricted owing to coronavirus rules; however, it is still possible to get involved virtually and we look forward to seeing your innovative online tea drinking catch ups shared on social media!

BAPEN President Dr Trevor Smith said of the campaign, “Nutrition and Hydration Week reminds us of the importance of awareness weeks. The value of working together to raise awareness cannot be overstated, and it is together that we can create more energy, understanding, and conversation around such essential issues for nutritional care. Please do share any activities you or your organisation get involved with. With more action we can take further steps in our mission to raise awareness of the importance of good nutritional care.”

Having to be rescheduled from March due to COVID pressures, we hope that you are able to mark the week in some way within your organisation. Do check out @NHWeek to keep up to date with the activities happening through the week. The thorough resources which Nutrition and Hydration Week promote during their campaign are informative, engaging, and well worth a look. The Nutrition and Hydration Week social feed and website are packed with ideas for how to stay healthy so you can easily get involved and get the messages out to your wider circle outside the nutrition world:

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