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The Association for Nutrition (AfN) has launched a new curriculum in nutrition which is designed to be incorporated within the core curriculum of undergraduate medical students.

BAPEN is delighted to have been involved in its development. It is intended that by embedding this within the core curriculum, as opposed to as a standalone subject, it will advance students’ knowledge and understanding of the inter-relationship nutrition has with wider health and disease.

The curriculum covers the following themes and topics relevant to nutrition:

A Nutrition/Hydration in Health and Disease

B Nutrition Screening & Assessment

C Effect Of Nutrition Status on Illness

D Malnutrition: Underweight/Undernourished

E Malnutrition: Overweight, Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome

F Specific Dietary Requirements

G Hydration

H Nutrition In Health Promotion and Illness Prevention (Public Health)

Find out more and read the new curriculum here.

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