Episode 1 BIFA series – Managing High Output Stomas

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Episode 1 BIFA series – Managing High Output Stomas

The inaugural series of the BAPEN Podcasts has been dedicated to bringing to life the British Intestinal Failure Alliance (BIFA) top tips. This first episode, hosted by BAPEN Education Officer – Dr Anne Holdoway, explores the topic of high output stomas with two leading experts: Consultant Gastroenterologist, Dr Jeremy Nightingale and Consultant Dietitian, Dr Alison Culkin.

This insightful episode shares a wealth of knowledge on managing high output stomas, delivered through an easy-to-follow and digest conversation, and provides transferable information for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dietitians, to apply in day-to-day practice.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The aim of BIFA & the “Top Tips” series
  • Defining the high output stoma
  • Excluding other causes
  • Key steps to management
  • Overcoming thirst
  • Advice on oral fluids
  • Dietary adjustments
  • Use of medications and supplements

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