Guidelines for the Detection and Management of Malnutrition. A report by the Malnutrition Advisory Group, a standing committee of the British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

Published 2000, Chairman and Editor: Dr Marinos Elia

The Malnutrition Advisory Group (MAG) launched the first consensus guidelines and screening tool to tackle the serious public health problem posed by malnutrition. Contrary to popular belief, malnutrition is not restricted to the developing world and is a serious UK public health problem. Malnutrition is frequently unrecognised and untreated in community, hospital and nursing homes and there is currently no nutritional tool and guidelines which comply with strict criteria laid down by the Royal College of General Practitioners, British Dietetic Association and Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network. The MAG guidelines are scientifically rigorous, evidence-based and have been piloted in the community.


British Consensus Guidelines on Intravenous Fluid Therapy for Adult Surgical Patients (GIFTASUP)

Published 2008 (updated 2011), Chair: Jeremy Powell-Tuck

On behalf of BAPEN Medical (a core group of BAPEN), the Association for Clinical Biochemistry, the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, the Society of Academic and Research Surgery, the Renal Association and the Intensive Care Society.

Summary and recommendations

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Nutritional Support for adults and Children

Nutritional Support for Adults and Children. A handbook for hospital practice.

Published: 2004; Editor: Tim Bowling

This book was written in response to a brief from BAPEN Council to practical support in clinical nutrition and addresses the dearth of knowledge about clinical nutrition and nutrition support in hospitals. It is aimed at all professions involved in a nutrition support (dietitians, doctors, nurses and pharmacists).

Home Parenteral Nutrition in the UK

Home Parenteral Nutrition in the United Kingdom. A Position Paper

Published: 2003; Dr Barry JM Jones, Home Parenteral Nutrition Officer, BAPEN

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Guidance on drug administration via enteral feeding tubes

Tube Feeding and Your Medicines. A Guide for Patients and Carers

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Drug Administration Via Enteral Feeding Tubes. A Guide for General Practitioners and Community Pharmacists

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Administering Drugs Via Enteral Feeding Tubes

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Current Perspectives on Paediatric Parenteral Nutrition

Published: 2000; Chairman and Editor: Professor PJ Milla

This report provided up to date information on current practice in paediatric parenteral nutrition.

Issues covered included:

  • the role of, and indications for, parenteral nutrition in childhood
  • constituents of PN, micronutrient requirements and pharmaceutical considerations
  • routes of delivery of nutrients
  • complications and monitoring, with particular reference to the role of the nutrition support team
  • organisation of home parenteral nutrition

Current Perspectives on Enteral Nutrition in Adults

Published: 1999; Chairman and Editor: CA McAtear

This document was released to provide up-to-date information on current practice in enteral feeding with the aim of assisting the development of local policies and procedures.

Issues covered include:

  • why patients should be fed enterally
  • which patients should be fed enterally
  • how to estimate a patient’s nutritional requirements
  • route and tube options for enteral feeding
  • the types of feed available for enteral feeding and when each should be used
  • monitoring patients on enteral feeding
  • complications of enteral feeding and and recommendations for management

Hospital Food as Treatment

Published: 1999; Chairman and Editor: Dr SP Allison

Summary and recommendations from the report

Ethical and Legal Aspects of Clinical Hydration and Nutritional Support

Published: 1998; Chairman and Editor: Professor J Lennard-Jones

Findings and recommendations

Current Perspectives on Parenteral Nutrition in Adults

Published: 1996; Chairman and Editor: Dr CR Pennington

Summary and recommendations

Standards & Guidelines for Nutritional Support of Patients in Hospitals

Published: 1996; Chairman and Editor: T Sizer

Summary and recommendations

Home Parenteral Nutrition - Quality Criteria for Clinical Services and the Supply of Nutrient Fluids and Equipment

Published: 1995

Organisation of Nutritional Support in Hospitals. Nutrition steering committee and nutrition support teams – needs, structure and roles

Published: 1994; Chairman and Editor: Dr DBA Silk

Summary and recommendations

Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition in the Community

Published: 1994; Chairman and Editor: Dr M Elia

Summary and recommendations