e-bans is the electronic development of BANS, the national survey set up in 1996 by BAPEN to collect information about patients receiving HANS (home enteral (tube) and home parenteral (intravenous) feeding.


e-bans Newsletter – November 2013 (PDF)

e-bans Newsletter – November 2012 (PDF)

e-bans Newsletter – March 2012 (PDF)

e-bans Newsletter – October 2011 (PDF)

  • e-bans works through a network of reporters representing their individual NHS organisations who supply individual patient data electronically to a central register
  • These data are processed to produce an annual report and ad hoc reports on request. Reporters are able to down-load a series of reports summarising their own data
  • The BANS Committee has worked with the National Information Governance Board (NIGB) to identify a data set which can be collected without obtaining the patient’s consent. (www.nigb.nhs.uk). The need for consent has been a major setback for Reporters, particularly those with large numbers of elderly patients with neurological conditions unable to give informed consent
  • e-bans enables reporters to transmit anonymous data about individual patients receiving HANS (Home Artificial Nutrition Support) using a unique patient code
  • A unique patient code is allocated to each patient on first registration. This enables Reporters to identify individual patients for updating. This code consists of: first block postcode, year of birth and last 4 digits NHS (England & Wales),CHI (Scotland) or H&C (N.Ireland) number, e.g. LN16 1945
  • Electronic data entry uses a combination of direct entry and drop down boxes to capture the following:
    • Date HANS started
    • Diagnostic category
    • Clinical Condition
    • Feeding route
    • Reason for feeding
    • Activity level
    • Place of residence
    • Outcome
  • User Guidelines can be viewed or downloaded here or obtained from www.e-bans.com

www.e-bans.com is now LIVE and accepting data.

Over the next few weeks more changes will be made to continue to improve user interface.

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