Malnutrition in Summer

Key points from BAPEN’s NSW 2008 Report:

  • Many hospitals, care homes and mental health units not calibrating scales for weighing regularly in contravention of a DH alert
  • Prevalence of malnutrition on admission to hospital, care homes and mental health units reconfirmed as affecting up to1 in 3 of all adults of all ages
  • Not all hospitals or mental health units ‘handing on’ nutrition information on patients at malnutrition risk on discharge

BAPEN thanks the 222 reporting centres which contributed to this Report covering the summer period. Reporters have received their data back so local information can be benchmarked against the national picture on ‘malnutrition’ and nutritional care policy and practice.

BAPEN also thanks the RCN and BDA together with the NPSA and government departments across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for their continuing support of this initiative.

All four seasons will eventually be covered by BAPEN’s Screening Weeks (final NSW to be organised in spring 2011) after which the data collected across all seasons will be amalgamated and compared thus providing a fuller picture on ‘malnutrition’ in the UK.

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