2011 saw a hugely increasing focus on Nutrition from the CQC. Starting with a 3 month inspection programme into 100 Hospitals, which found that 49% of Hospitals were not fully compliant, the CQC have announced that there will be a further 500, “Dignity & Nutrition Inspections” in 2012. The Inspections will take place from April to June, with a report expected in the Autumn. With the NACC recently launching its best-practice guide, “How to Comply with CQC's Outcome 5: Meeting Nutritional Needs,” Healthcare Improvement Scotland publishing “Improving Nutrition...Improving Care” supported by a raft of other Nutrition initiatives, there is no doubt that Nutrition in care home catering has a far greater focus than ever before.

Against this, BAPEN have recently announced that 41% of Care Home residents are at risk of malnutrition, so the purpose of the seminar was to ask what is the future for nutritional standards in our care home sector?” The seminar was hosted by Lee Sheppard of apetito at the Care Roadshow, Glasgow on 24th April 2012.

Click here to download the Apetito Nutritional Standards presentation (PDF)

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