Hospital Governance Diagram

Hospital Drivers affecting Nutrition Strategy

Driver Rationale
Protected meal times Efficient time for food delivery and assistance, reduced interruptions, increased consumption. Better monitoring
Better Hospital food Menus to reflect and respond to local cultural needs
Visiting times Controlled/ reduced visiting times reduce infection and improve care around meals. Carers  (not visitors) stay to help.
Patients own food, health & safety Strict policies /disclaimers. Encourage choice via hospital menu
Patient Information Info on menu completion,  meal times, not to bring in own food, dietary advice.
Pre admission Early screening,  assessment, and nutritional optimisation
Health Care commission Standard 15 (b) Key core performance standard:  all patients on admission to have appropriate and timely screening
End of life care Links with the Liverpool care pathway, ethical dilemmas, good MDT working and decision making: impact quality of life / care and cost, complications and length of stay
NICE guidance Comply or  risk register that they are not adopted and why.
Infection Control National Campaign : kitchens, IV’s central lines and urinary catheters etc. MRSA , bacteraemia are reported to a main database.
Housekeepers New housekeeper role not responsible for cleaning i.e. can be involved with nutritional care
PEAT External inspection from a patient perspective