The Hospital Nutrition Steering Committee

Brings together senior managers from many disciplines including nursing, catering, dietetics, pharmacy, medicine & surgery. It may appropriately be chaired by the Head Nurse or a senior figure within the hospital who can provide natural links with Governance and the Board. It may benefit from having sub-committees – for example, Research and Development, Screening, Specialist Services, Catering.

Its remit is across the whole hospital or institution. It:

  1. Oversees and advises the hospital on all aspects of nutrition, including screening and assessment, catering and food, supplements, enteral and parenteral nutrition – for in-patients and out-patients.
  2. Scrutinises, develops and co-ordinates hospital nutritional policy in response to  external and internal drivers  through research and audit.
  3. Agrees standards for screening, assessment and monitoring;  food provision and nutritional support
  4. Co-ordinates delivery of excellent nutritional support in all units, specialist or general.
  5. Co-ordinates and monitors appropriate education and training programmes for all staff.
  6. Liaises with specialist units and if necessary encourages, supports and  develops specific needs for nutritional care delivery within them
  7. Supports at least one multi-professional  nutrition support team which includes at least one  nutrition nurse specialist
  8. Oversees the coordinated procurement of supplies relevant to nutrition
  9. Oversees management of food for staff
  10. Advises on provision of commercial food outlets on hospital premises
  11. Is answerable through a governance committee to the hospital board

Diagram showing areas of responsibilities for the Hospital Nutrition Steering Committee.

Nutrition Steering Committee Diagram

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