Nutrition Nurse Specialist

  1. Coordinates Nutrition Support Team with nursing care in general
  2. Develops safe and practical nursing techniques with respect to nutrition policy through research and audit
  3. Is a clinical expert in the assessment of nutritional needs and the delivery of treatment.
  4. Provides advanced technical skills in relation to naso-gastric feeding, Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy, Radiologically Inserted Gastrostomy  and Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters.
  5. Provides specific training in these skills for  nurses, patients and carers.
  6. Contributes to nutrition education  in a broader sense – nursing, medical staff and students
  7. Advises, with others, on nutrition support policy, linking with the Hospital Nutrition Steering Committee to help develop a coordinated strategy, including issues regarding risk management and ethical decision making
  8. Links with specialist units to foster good nutritional care.
  9. Advises on and assists in the  procurement of equipment
  10. Out-patient nutritional support – liaison with community nurses, patients and carers
  11. Maintains records
  12. Participates in and often leads audit
  13. Direct patient advocacy and care – out-patient HEN, HPN. Here the role may come to be seen as that of care manager  for nutritional support patients.
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