Nutrition Support Team Doctor(s)

Nutrition teams need medical involvement, at both consultant and more junior levels. Some patients may be cared for under the consultant’s primary care, though most will usually be under the principal care of another team.

The doctor(s):

  1. Assess critically the nutritional needs and approach in the context of the patient’s clinical condition and treatment.
  2. Have a critical awareness of nutrition’s impact on quality of life and clinical outcome
  3. Have a detailed insight into diagnosis and medical management and how aspects of nutrition relate to these
  4. Provide  a conduit through which Nutrition is linked to the broader hospital medical consensus and teaching.
  5. Co-ordinate with endoscopy and other gastrostomy-insertion services.
  6. Maintain links with catheter-insertion services
  7. Have the expertise to critically appraise a parenteral or enteral nutrition prescription.
  8. Provide expertise in fluid balance therapy
  9. Support and conduct nutrition-related audit and research
  10. Promote the development and maintenance of the Clinical Nutrition Support Team(s) via business planning in hospital and in liaison with Primary Care Commissioning Trusts.
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