Dr Simon Gabe Professor Mike Stroud

President Oct 2014 - Sept 2015: Professor Mike Stroud (stood down September 2015)

President Sept 2015: Dr Simon Gabe

Key aims:

  • Make BAPEN’s work much more relevant and visible at a local and regional level to all health and social care professionals involved in delivering care involving nutrition and hydration
  • Increase BAPEN membership and provide all members with local networks and support
  • Promote and encourage widespread use and implementation of both new and existing BAPEN resources
  • Ensure nutrition and hydration is a priority on all regional health and social care agendas
  • Ensure Commissioners understand the importance of specifying nutrition and hydration standards within contracts
  • Strengthen our national reputation as the charitable association which, with its Core Groups, drives real improvement in standards of nutrition and hydration care across the UK


  • New BAPEN Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) unveiled (March)
  • BAPEN introduces the first Nutritional Care Tool (June)
  • BAPEN participates as a key partner in DDF (June)
  • New Health Economic Report launched by BAPEN and the NIHR Southampton BRC at the King’s Fund (November)
  • First ever Malnutrition Self-Screening Tool launched by BAPEN for use in the community (December)
  • BAPEN publishes its Nutrition Screening Week Care Home Report (2007-2011) (December)

Professor David SilkBAPEN Chairman 1995-2000: Professor David Silk

Key aim: to continue to improve the nutritional care of sick patients

Key achievements

  • BAPEN received recognition as a specialist body by the Royal Colleges
  • BAPEN organised study days and courses to further postgraduate education
  • BAPEN continued to run multidisciplinary courses to support  the education of newly formed Nutrition Support teams
  • BAPEN produced standards of good practice in the field of nutritional support


  • Home Parenteral Nutrition – Quality Criteria for Clinical Services and the Supply of Nutrient Fluids and Equipment published


Professor Chris PenningtonBAPEN Chairman 2000-2002: Professor Chris Pennington

Key aims:

  • The effective application of current knowledge in the delivery of nutritional care
  • The expansion of the knowledge base underpinning good nutritional care

Key achievements:

  • Organisation of the ESPEN conference in Glasgow
  • Support for non-medical professions in having their expertise equally acknowledged in the field of clinical nutrition
  • Taking BAPEN's messages into the wider arena
  • Emphasising that all BAPEN activity should ultimately result in improved patient care
  • Including patients in decision making

It was a great loss to BAPEN when Chris Pennington died in May 2002. Click here to read his obituary.


  • Current Perspectives on Paediatric Parenteral Nutrition published
  • Guidelines for the Detection and Management of Malnutrition published

Dr Alastair ForbesBAPEN Chairman 2002-2005: Professor Alastair Forbes

Key aims:

  • Promote high standards of clinical nutrition
  • Continue to support the BANS data collection
  • Foster research collaborations across the country including all disciplines and professions
  • Secure BAPEN's financial future

Key achievements:

  • BAPEN launch of ‘MUST’
  • BAPEN engagement with other organisations, including the Better Hospital Food programme, the Royal College of Physicians and NICE
  • Launch of the multidisciplinary Handbook of Nutritional Support
  • Agreed a BAPEN strategy for the next 5 years and instigated a formal review of all the reports and guidelines produced to date
  • BAPEN on a sound financial footing
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