Malnutrition in Autumn

Key points from BAPEN’s NSW 2007 Report:

  • 'Malnutrition' in adults affects almost 1 in 3 subjects of all ages on admission to hospital and care homes, most being at high risk
  • Individuals admitted from another care setting were at higher risk than those admitted from their own home (43% at risk on admission from care home to hospital and 35% at risk from hospital to care home)
  • Much of the malnutrition present on admission to care originates in the community
  • Nutritional screening policies and practice varied between and within healthcare settings

BAPEN’s Nutrition Screening Week Report 2007 (NSW07) launched 8th April 2008 provides detailed analysis on 11,000+ subjects is the largest prospective study on nutritional screening ever undertaken in the UK using consistent criteria across all settings based on BAPEN’s ‘Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool’ (‘MUST’).

370 reporting centres throughout the UK (175 hospitals, 173 care homes, 22 mental health units) throughout the UK screened 11,000+ individuals on admission (9,722 in hospital, 1,610 residents in care and 336 admitted to mental health units).

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