How is nutrition support planned in your hospital? How could its organisation be improved? This website has been produced by a multi-professional group under the auspices of BAPEN’s executive and council.

Our website gives you:

  1. An interactive diagram (look below) to indicate how nutritional services might link within a hospital. Click on each domain to see the nutritional responsibilities of each. This includes a point by point Powerpoint presentation on hospital food and beverages services accessible from the Catering domain.
  2. A printable written document. It explains BAPEN’s vision of hospital nutritional organisation and how this derives from national and international reports.

Both the diagram and the written document allow “clickable” direct internet links to the reports on which our ideas are based.

Now click on the diagram and then click on each domain to see its role. Also try clicking on the links to other websites. Click here to access our written document which gives you more detail and can be printed. This is also available as a PDF document.

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