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Who we are

BAPEN* is a Charitable Association that raises awareness of malnutrition and works to advance the nutritional care of patients and those at risk from malnutrition in the wider community. Click here to download the BAPEN brochure.

BAPEN brings together the strengths of its Core Groups to raise awareness and understanding of malnutrition in all settings and provides education, advice and resources to advance the nutritional care of patients and those at risk from malnutrition in the wider community.

BAPEN’s Core Groups include:

BAPEN works with all stakeholders, including patients and professionals, healthcare commissioners and providers at local, regional and national levels, and industry to deliver the nutritional agenda.

BAPEN members are passionate about ensuring that good nutritional care is delivered in all health and social care settings and have established the “BAPEN 4 Tenets of Good Nutritional Care”

BAPEN 4 Tenets of Good Nutritional Care
1 IDENTIFICATION Identify those with malnutrition or at risk of malnutrition through screening and assessment e.g. the ’Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool’ (’ MUST‘)
2 TREATMENT Treat. Implement ‘individualised’ care pathways for the malnourished and those at risk appropriate to the care setting
3 TRAINING Provide training on the importance of nutritional care for all care staff appropriate to the care setting, their profession and their responsibilities
4 MULTIDISCIPLINARY MANAGEMENT Ensure multidisciplinary structures to manage and monitor nutritional care

Where did we start?

BAPEN was founded in 1992 to bring together dietitians, doctors, nurses, patients and pharmacists into an integrated and effective organisation dedicated to improving nutritional care. Click here to read more about our history.