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You are here: Home Screening for Malnutrition 'MUST' Calculator

'MUST' Calculator

Use the calculator to establish nutritional risk using 'MUST'. Please enter all values in metric using the converter below, if required. A converter is also provided to estimate height from ulna length.

'MUST' Measurements

'MUST' Results

Current weight (kg) BMI (kg/m2)
Current height (m) BMI score
Weight loss* (kg) Weight loss %
Acute disease effect (ADE)** Weight loss score
*weight loss is unplanned weight loss over previous 3 to 6 months Acute disease score
**Acute Disease Effect (ADE) - score 2 if acutely ill and if there has been or is likely to be no nutritional intake for more than 5 days. Note that ADE is unlikely to occur outside hospital. Total score
Acutely ill: Such patients include those who are critically ill, have swallowing difficulties (e.g. after stroke), or head injuries or are undergoing gastrointestinal surgery Risk
MUST Care Plan (PDF)
Comments on results:
BAPEN disclaims any liability to any healthcare provider, patient or other person affected by this resource.

Imperial to Metric Converter

If you only have a weight in stones and pounds or a height in feet and inches, use the converter below. You can use this for current weight or weight loss.
Weight stones and pounds = kg
Height feet and inches = m

Estimate Height from Ulna Length

If you have been unable to measure height you may be able to use the calculator below to estimate it from the ulna length.
Sex    or
Age    or
Ulna length (cm)
Estimated height (m) =