BIFA is a special interest group within BAPEN. Though interested in both acute and chronic intestinal failure its principal focus is on specialised IF services. It consists therefore of healthcare professionals involved or interested in home parenteral nutrition (HPN) and the management of Type 2 intestinal failure. Its focus is pan-UK, adult and paediatric, and multiprofessional. Membership of BIFA is open to those who are individual members of BAPEN or affiliate members through a Core Group of BAPEN.

Terms of Reference

Members of the Committee

  • Jeremy Nightingale (Chair)
  • Alison Young (Honorary Secretary, Nutrition Nurse)
  • Alastair McKinlay (Scotland Physician)
  • Phil Stevens (Scotland surgeon)
  • Gerard Rafferty (N Ireland Physician)
  • Rhys Hewett (Wales Physician)
  • Simon Gabe (BAPEN President)
  • Trevor Smith (BANS)
  • Michael Glynn (Physician)
  • Jeremy Woodward (Physician)
  • Simon Lal (Physician)
  • Mattias Soop (Surgeon)
  • Theodoric Wong (Paediatrician)
  • Jackie Eastwood (Pharmacist/HPN framework)
  • Alison Culkin (Dietitian)
  • Kirstine Farrer (Dietitian)
  • Carolyn Wheatley (Patient)

BIFA Guidelines & Recommendations

Standardised Parenteral Support Catheter Guidelines 2018 (PDF)

Diagnosis of Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections (CRBSIs) in patients receiving long-term parenteral support (PDF)

BIFA Position Statements

Position Statement on use of peptide growth factors for adult patients with intestinal failure (PDF)

Position Statement on HPN (PDF)

Position Statement on HPN in Advanced Malignancy (PDF)

Position statement on the use of high-dose loperamide in patients with intestinal failure (PDF)

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