This policy applies to Trustees, BAPEN Executive members, BAPEN Council Members, BAPEN standing committee members, and BAPEN Special Interest Group committee members.

Although the majority of BAPEN members work in the National Health Service, a significant number of members work in the nutrition industry. Many of these members have much to contribute to the work of BAPEN and their contribution is greatly valued. Nevertheless there is potential for conflicts of interest to arise.

BAPEN has a Conflict of Interest policy in order to protect both the Association and individuals from any appearance of impropriety. The current policy addresses the issue that impropriety might arise because a BAPEN committee is dominated by members who work in the nutrition industry. This might be problematic in leaving only a small number of committee members able to make decisions on certain topics or reduce the breadth of discussion and opinion on various matters because the industry employed members are unable to participate.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that an appropriate number of non-conflicted members are available on each committee of the Association.

Employment in the Nutrition Industry

This is defined as:

  • Remunerated employment, professions, directorships and offices with relevance to nutritional care.
  • Unremunerated employment, professions, directorships and offices with relevance to nutritional care.
  • Significant shareholding / partnership in companies involved in the provision of nutritional care (where your interest exceeds 5% of capital or where income derived exceeds 2.5% of your income).

Appointment Criteria

All persons appointed to BAPEN committees must be registered members of their appropriate professional bodies, whether medical, nursing, dietetic or pharmacy as well as being members of BAPEN.

Appointments are based on personal skills and experience and therefore the appointment of one individual to a committee should not create a precedent of ongoing industry appointments to that committee by right.

Total Numbers on the committee

It is recommended that no more than two members of any BAPEN committee should be employed in the nutrition industry. It is the responsibility of the Trustees and the Chair of the committee to ensure that the committee membership complies with this recommendation.

Chair of the committee

There may be occasion when the Chair of a committee is employed full-time in industry. This situation would only arise if there were no other appropriate appointable applicants or in cases where the individual had a specific set of skills or experience that made them the most suitable person to Chair the committee. The appointment of Chair of any BAPEN standing committee is through open advert and requires ratification through BAPEN Council.

Quorum for any single meeting

For a single meeting at least 3 of the members present should NOT be employed by industry, except for Council, which requires 10 members present to be quorate. If it is anticipated that any single meeting will have a majority of industry employed members, the meeting will be cancelled. If this occurs unexpectedly any decisions made should be ratified by the entire committee before any action is taken.

Communicating this policy within BAPEN

  • This policy will be included in the Trustee Induction pack.
  • All Chairs of committees will be made aware of this policy and act accordingly.
  • This policy will be reviewed every three years.
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